Welcome to The Lawn Barber. Im Adrian Davis, growing up my grandfather owned 13 acres of land that I was required to cut on a weekly basis. That’s when I fell in love with driving tractors and cutting grass. In 2008 at the age of 15 my parents, brother and I moved to Desoto county. It wasn’t long after moving that I discovered all of the different lawn care trucks that I began to see in just our neighborhood. With the help of family and many others I began to scrap up a few tools and started cutting my neighbors yard across the street with one push mower, an old worn weed eater, and a hand held blower. By the end of my first season cutting I accumulated 7 residential properties. Now me and my crew now service over 100 residential properties and we continue to grow each year. With over 10 years of experience we have a 3 man crew who’s very trustworthy and honest so no need to worry about different faces at your home while you are away. The Lawn Barber (TLB) also has high efficient and great quality equipment that gets the job done and enhances the appearance of your home. Our company is very dependable and we stand behind any of our services. We also offer safe and confidential email invoicing for payments with a 7 day grace period so there’s no hassle with leaving cash in unwanted places. Our company services Desoto and Shelby county areas. The Lawn Barber is a residential commercial lawn care company which specializes in mowing, edging, blowing, shrub/hedge trimming, flower bed cleaning, and mulching. We offer two different mowing frequencies to fit your specific needs based on your budget and lawn type which are weekly or biweekly mowing. Weekly mowing will leave very few clippings if any at all and will also keep your lawn maintained with a fresh cut throughout grass season. Biweekly mowing is more of a budget based grass cutting service and will leave some grass clippings. The Lawn Barber stays consistent due to our dominant software system that records and stores the needs of our customers which also has a schedule based system that keeps track of when we service all of our properties so that we can provide a quality and on time service. Hopefully this information gives you an idea of why The Lawn Barber is the right lawn care service for your home or property. If you have any questions feel free to call. Thanks for your time, opportunity, and business and look forward to seeing you for your lawn care needs.

“We Mow it like We Own It”